Black Belt Eagle Scout recently announced her new record At the Party With My Brown Friends, which will be coming out on August 30th through Saddle Creek. The wondrous lead single 'At The Party' envisioned a harmonious future, and new single 'My Heart Dreams' is also looking to a brighter dawn - though it's on a much more personal level this time.

The Katherine Paul that we're hearing on 'My Heart Dreams' is a down and defeated one, fresh in the sting of a recent break up. However, she still has her guitar and her voice, and with those simple elements and her own well of talent, she's able to conjure up a dream of future love and happiness, which reveals itself in the heartbreakingly hopeful track. This promise of satisfaction and being cherished by a future lover is a magnetic force, which pulls Paul and the listener through the untidy swirl of emotions and into a clearing of pure light, where fantasies become real. Black Belt Eagle Scout's musical prowess is subtle in 'My Heart Dreams', which sounds like a simple pop rock song, but is developed and carved out so carefully in its production to manage to hold so many promising and defeating emotions together in a breathtaking tableau.

'My Heart Dreams' comes with a video, which Katherine Paul introduces by saying:

“The idea behind this video was to do something fun while showing the resilience of the Indigenous people, particularly women and girls, which is why I chose to have the Black Belt Eagle Scout band be portrayed by young Indigenous girls... In an age where Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) are finally getting the attention they deserve, it's important to make their strength visible. The justice around MMIW is something we should all be paying closer attention to and I hope my platform serves to heighten awareness. The girls and extras in the video are members of the Portland Two Spirit Society, a special group of LGBTQ Indigenous and Native American/Alaska Natives and the Portland All Nations Canoe Family."

Black Belt Eagle Scout's new album At the Party With My Brown Friends is out on August 30th through Saddle Creek.

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