Chartreuse are a new four-piece from the Black Country, making a brand of indie that harnesses atmosphere and soul to create something utterly compelling. They've signed to PIAS, who will release their debut EP later in 2019, but for now lead single 'Three Days' gives us plenty to chew on.

A track that oozes confidence and experience beyond their years, on 'Three Days' Chartreuse take their time in unspooling a deeply moving and weighty song. Tinkling keys and guitar form an inviting introduction, where singer Michael Wagstaff's dextrous and gritty voice thrives. Alternately sinking and floating the pitch of his thoughts, they all bob meaningfully in the splashy instrumental surroundings, each a globule of pure desire. Throughout, he's committing himself entirely; "You make me wanna live past 23/ feel so worthy and unworthy/ the first of the first the last of the worst." When it comes to the impassioned central thought, "I've got to wait three days until I spend my life with you," we feel every inch of his burning desire leaping out of the song - and that's only on the first time through. 'Three Days' circles back again, this time Wagstaff's voice imbued by subtle back up vocals from Harriet Wilson, more personality in percussion and further dynamic atmospherics, until Chartreuse reach full combustion in the irrepressible finale.

At once evocative of the secluded shed in which it was created and swelling with dreams of love-filled days to come, 'Three Days' is a powerful starting point for Chastreuse.

You can follow Chartreuse on Facebook, and Twitter. They have one pretty big live date coming up:

30th October – EartH, London (w/ Puma Blue)

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