London-based band Black Country, New Road are ones to keep your eyes and ears on. With one barnstorming single out, 'Athen's, France', they've followed it up this week with a second track called 'Sunglasses' and it's 9 minutes long - a heck of a confident move from a young act.

Isaac Wood, singer of Black Country, New Road, says "it describes a series of events, loosely connected, all yet to happen. The song was intended to be highly inspirational. The lyrics are sometimes concerned with symbols of wealth or affluence but they are not written from a critical or even external position."

"Inspirational" isn't the feeling that comes to mind immediately when playing 'Sunglasses', which begins its kaleidoscopic journey with a wistful guitar and drum combination, backing up Wood's observational sing-speaking of scenes from mundane life: Scandi dramas, prescription drugs, juicing fruit in the kitchen. There's an underlying dissatisfaction to all of this, which is provoked by ribbons of saxophone that seem to spur Wood into a more impassioned revery about his youthful ignorance while the rest of Black Country, New Road build up an atonal morass of sound behind his whimpering figure.

'Sunglasses' takes a turn for the more stable in its second half; after the band has melted down the track they rebuild it as a sharp post-punk ramble, and here Wood is more self-assured. "I am invincible in these sunglasses," he asserts, strutting along to the finely carved gait the band has created. His confidence is certainly increased, his stability maybe not, as he cuts his way through the bustling world around him, heedless of beeping cars, telling himself he's the modern Scott Walker, proud to announce "I am so ignorant now with all that I've learned." Black Country, New Road have at this point built 'Sunglasses' up into a muscular and honking rock song, reflecting the pompous attitude of their singer - "leave my daddy's job out of this/ leave your sertraline in the cabinet/ and fuck me like you mean it this time." It's a damn fine, frantic and frolicking finale to this very enjoyable and modern rock song.

'Sunglasses' is out digitally on Speedy Wunderground, and will see 500 physical copies on 7" released through Thurston Moore-affiliated Blank Editions on September 6th. Keep your eyes peeled for more news from Black Country, New Road - and catch them at one of these dates:

26.07.19 - Midi Festival, Hyères, France
02.08.19 - Micro Festival, Liege, Belgium
03.08.19 - Visions Festival, London, UK
17.08.19 - Green Man Festival, London, UK
19.09.19 - Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany
22.08.19 - The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK
23.08.19 - Future Yards, Birkenhead, UK
24.08.19 - End Of The Road Festival, Dorset, UK
24.09 - Boston Music Rooms, London, UK
29.09 - The Portland Arms, Cambridge, UK
30.09 - Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK
01.10 - Rough Trade, Bristol, UK
02.10 - Yes Basement, Manchester, UK
03.10 - Poetry Club, Glasgow, UK
04.10 - Elsewhere, Margate, UK
19.10 - SWN Festival, Cardiff, UK
20.10 - Future Days, Birmingham, UK
09.11 - Primavera Sound 20th Anniversary, Benidorm, Spain
10.11 - Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium

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