Chris Stewart recently announced Bigger Than Life, the new album from his Black Marble project that will be coming out on October 25th through Sacred Bones. Having shared 'One Eye Open' previously, he has now given us another single called 'Feels', which has quite a back story, as he explains:

“‘Feels’ is an impression more that a story really, told through visual snapshots... Speaking about having a radio show and working a blood drive in DC are memories from sort of a fictional character’s “nineties” past, when that part of the country was central to underground music in America and having radio shows on college radio was a popular thing for students to do. These local scenes seemed more cohesive and unified and maybe a little more innocent. The idea that now the quote unquote “scene” is more a digital pastiche of correlated yet not at all united artists, ostensibly associating with one another more for self-promotion than any kind of ethical unity seems a little sad by comparison.

One immediate sonic touchstone that comes to mind on hearing 'Feels' is The Buggles classic 'Video Killed The Radio Star'; it has a similar homespun synth sound underpinned by a simplistic drum machine puff. Lyrically too, 'Feels' has a similar filter in the way that Stewart is dreaming of the past; you can hear the wistful longing in his voice as he thinks back on something he was devoted to that is now lost to the sands of time. Black Marble's usual anxiety is pushed aside on 'Feels' for feelings of dejection and regret, as we hear Stewart's sonorous pleas for some kind of human connection. "I've nothing to live up to," he summarises, but 'Feels' plays onwards in mellifluous tones - as if the music itself is striving to reach out to our singer.

Black Marble's new album Bigger Than Life is out October 25th through Sacred Bones.

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