Blanck Mass recently announced that he'll be releasing a new album called Animated Violence Mild on August 16th through Sacred Bones. Following on from the pounding 'House vs. House' he's now shared another new cut called 'No Dice'.

On the new track, Benjamin Power tells us “No Dice is about denial. It’s the voice in the back of your head stopping you from moving forward, the separation between your head and your heart.”

You wouldn't necessarily know that 'No Dice' takes inspiration from this insidious feeling inside all of us when first listening to it; it bounds forth on punchy bass, cascading with minor explosions - and in fact seems quite joyous. Perhaps its the malevolent instinct inside us rejoicing at all the things it manages to persuade us not to do, and ruin our happiness because of it. Nevertheless, 'No Dice' is an eerily playful and sinisterly smashing cut, once again proving that there's no one quite like Blanck Mass when it comes to pairing deep-seated ideas with powerful industrial and pop music sounds.

Blanck Mass' new album Animated Violence Mild is out August 16th. Follow Blanck Mass on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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