Last week Dev Hynes announced that he will be releasing a new Blood Orange album called Negro Swan on August 24th. This week he has shared the first two tracks to be heard from the album, 'Charcoal Baby' and 'Jewelry'. Hynes promised that Negro Swan will be "an exploration into my own and many types of black depression, an honest look at the corners of black existence, and the ongoing anxieties of queer/people of colour," and that's certainly where these two new slices of modern pop-soul take us.

On the one side, 'Charcoal Baby' is a lightly thumping jam in which Hynes sings from deep inside himself, admitting how pressures and expectations for him to be something can be damaging mentally. Coupling once again with a perfectly picked female partner, 'Charcoal Baby' moves from the pits of a personal break down to a sax-fueled uplifting ending.

On the reverse, 'Jewelry' opens up with a field-recorded monologue (which were used so effectively on Freetown Sound), before unspooling into a meditative mood piece. Like 'Charcoal Baby' it discusses image through various voices and characters exploring their own self-worth through their appearance and actions. Threading these all together is Hynes' honest and fragile vocal, weaving over spare guitar chords.

Both new songs come with videos; 'Jewelry' was directed by Hynes, and stars Janet Mock, Kai the Black Angel, and Ian Isiah, among others. 'Charcoal Baby' was directed by Crack Stevens. Watch them below.