Whenever news what stems from Pictures Music is received in the frontal lobes of ones brain, you know the outcome of this chemical reaction will result in a glow of positivity. Endorphins, do your thing.

Already home to talented electronic eclectics My Panda Shall Fly, Chairman Kato, Lapalux, Dauwd (featured in our Ones To Watch) etc, the label have announced their newest addition - in a name that evokes something of a colourful 70's tv host - Bobby Champs.

You can stream 'All Night' from Champs below, choosing the correct spelling as opposed to the 'All Nite' from Rustie, although also the pair are not a million miles away in musical ethos. It's straight-up dancefloor techno-spliced stuff in many ways - via the repetition of bounded words and pumping style reminiscent of acid house, though thankfully without the endless nature as the peaks and troughs arrive at satisfying intervals. The man from Brighton sums it up best himself:

When I make tunes I imagine myself dancing to them at Fabric, if I can’t imagine people going nuts, it gets scrapped

Perhaps created in a bedroom, but created to be enjoyed outside of a bedroom. A release is due for March.