Cincinnati singer-songwriter Brianna Kelly has a new split tape with Sympathy Pain, coming out February 27 on Whited Sepulchre Records. Today, The 405 is excited to premiere Kelly’s track ‘To Behold You’.

Similar to labelmate Midwife’s Like Author, Like Daughter, ‘To Behold You’ is a lush, moody piece to soundtrack careful walks through your neighbourhood after a blizzard. The front half of the track is instrumental, dominated by reverberating guitars and slow, silky melodies. When Kelly’s multi-layered vocals enter, it’s like hearing ghosts being exorcised from other ghosts, like a matryoshka doll. Listen to this track and feel a sort of windswept wonderment with every note.

Pre-order the split release with Sympathy Pain on Brianna Kelly's Bandcamp.