You may not know the name Brittany Howard immediately, but upon hearing her powerful vocal and guitar abilities, it shouldn't take you long to place her as the inimitable leader of Alabama Shakes. While that band continues to leave us waiting, Howard has ventured out as a solo artist under her own name with a single called 'History Repeats'. It'll be followed by a solo album called Jaime coming out on September 20th.

The new track doesn't stray too far from the bombastic rock-soul that we know of Alabama Shakes, but working under her own name seems to have allowed Howard to show off more of her particular penchants. 'History Repeats' is slinky and subtly rhythmic, all of its elements, from the shuffling percussion, to the whirling guitar, to the funked out keys, to Howard's hypnotic vocal, all seem to wiggle wondrously around each other. In combination, 'History Repeats' seems to be asking the different joints of your body to move to several different motions, which all somehow come together beautifully. You might not look the coolest while trying to dance to 'History Repeats', but the song is so damn slick that you'll feel like a boss no matter how you happen to look.

Brittany Howard's Jaime comes out September 20th. She's got a bunch of live dates planned, including these select few in Europe:

29th August | London | Hackney EartH
2nd September | Amsterdam | Paradiso
4th September | Paris | Alhambra

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