What a pleasant way to start the week (or to end your Sunday for you night owls. Burial would have preferred the latter.)

With Burial having recently released the marvellous Kindred EP, God-like producer Four Tet enlightened the world via Twitter in the early hours of his latest collaboration with the elusive talent - the pair of course having first worked together on the 12" of Moth/Wolf Cub, and then subsequently with Thom Yorke as a super-trio on 'Ego/Mirror'.

In the tweet Kieran Hebden somewhat cryptically included the words TEXT013; Text Records being the label that he runs, and as for the 13?... A vinyl release must be on the cards surely.

'Nova' has already racked up over 50,000 listens at the time of writing, despite only being up a few hours - increase this number below by immersing yourself in the track below: