Londoner Tragic Sasha has released her first new material of 2019, the delicious pop track ‘Cake’. It continues in her recognisable brand of alt-pop with tongue-in-cheek metaphors likening dating and dieting habits of a love interest. Written alongside Scott Colcombe, this is a sugary release with a real sense of fun, moving Sasha’s vocal into new areas.

Speaking on the song, she noted "Cake was written jokingly with my producer Scott Colcombe as a tongue in cheek warning to stay away from fuck boys (can I swear?). I had found the phrase 'Cake Eater' which is 1920's slang for 'ladies man' and I thought it was an interesting concept. We ended up writing a first draft in half an hour, one of the quickest songs we've ever written. I felt like it came from a different place to all the other tracks we had done so far; everything we did was always so emotional, but this track felt playful and sassy.”

Tragic Sasha’s downtempo sound and relatable lyricism is assured to see her appeal and audience grow further. Check out ‘Cake’ below.

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