While we wait for news of the follow-up to last year's all-conquering Car Seat Headrest album Teens Of Denial, Will Toledo has kept us interested by dropping a few breadcrumbs throughout the year. The biggest one yet has arrived unheralded today, in the form of the 13-minute musing and oozing 'Beach Life-in-Death'. Much like the previously released 'War Is Coming (If You Want It)', it's a reworked version of an old song. The original 'Beach Life-in-Death' appeared on Car Seat Headrest's 2011 album Twin Fantasy, but now re-emerges with the full heft of a couple of years of touring under their belt, giving the song more depth and dynamism. Over the course of its 13 minutes the song ebbs and flows through different levels of frustration, love and comprehension, backed up by tumultuous guitar undulations. Listen to the new version of 'Beach Life-in-Death' below.

Keep your eyes on The 405 for more information about new music from Car Seat Headrest, which, it seems, could drop at any time.