It's been a little while since we heard of the untimely demise of Chairlift, and their promise of continuing to work on other projects has been true, although not in any substantial way. Singer Caroline Polachek has contributed to others' songs and released tracks under the monikers Ramona Lisa and CEP, but this week sees the release of her first truly "solo" song under her own name - and 'Door' doesn't disappoint.

Speaking about the track, Polachek says: "I feel totally out of control of most things in the world, but can at least build landscapes for the mind."

That's where we find Polachek on 'Door', as she admits "back in the city I'm just another girl in a sweater," but you can tell that she's been all over the place, emotionally and literally. 'Door' is built of swirling synths, that give the impression of life revolving manically around our singer, while she tries to escape into her own seclusion. Polachek's voice floats and flutters perfectly with the busy breeze of life harmonising around her, and she yearns to meet the person who's going to "open the door to another door that I'm running through." Once she's admitted that, suddenly the brakes seem to be off, allowing 'Door' to flow with newfound freedom and lightness, and we have spiritual lift off.

There should be more news about Caroline Polachek's solo work coming soon, so follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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