Producer George King started receiving deserved praise for his productions under the Catching Flies moniker 5 or more years ago now, but has taken his time in crafting a debut album. In fact, it might be due to that early attention that the process has been protracted, as new influences in his life promising great things started to impact on his artistic freedom. Having taken a step back from that, Catching Flies is now ready to reveal his debut album, Silver Linings, which comes out on July 5th.

He says “It's taken me a while because I didn't want to speak until I had something to say. I wanted to make something positive, hopeful and colourful...I wanted Silver Linings to be a scrapbook of the last three years. It’s definitely eclectic, and it’s supposed to be. Over three years a lot changes, your perspectives change, your tastes change; and I wanted to celebrate that by picking tracks that meant the most to me."

The first to be shared from the LP is the title track 'Silver Linings', a song that bristles with emotion and yearning for sunshine and tropical surroundings that will certainly appeal to fans of former tourmate Bonobo. Riding a chugging beat, Catching Flies layers the track with sparkling plucks of strings and heartfelt vocal loops that conjure a feeling of freedom, of release from a burdensome feeling. 'Silver Linings' captures the moment when you get to go out and enjoy the summer sun, leaving your stresses behind you - it's not hard to imagine having it on repeat as you stroll through a warm summer evening, your thoughts blissfully floating wherever they please.

Catching Flies' debut album Silver Linings is out on July 5th - pre-order at his Bandcamp.

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