After stints recording with Tim Presley and producing for Deerhunter, Cate Le Bon has revealed plans for her fifth solo album: it's called Reward and comes out on May 24th. An album purportedly born out of “playing the piano to yourself and singing into the night,” it was recorded at several locations in the US and UK with many collaborators.

The first sampling of Reward offered to us this week is 'Daylight Matters'; a jaunty piano ballad haunted by smears of synthesized brass. This opens up a psychedelic attic of sound, where Le Bon is at her ease and ready to unburden herself of quotidian worries; menial tasks, confusion and unattainable love. In her recent projects we've come to see a more abstract side of Le Bon, but 'Daylight Matters' brings her solo voice back into focus and with it an honesty; as she sings in the song's chorus "love you I love you I love you but you've gone," with unwavering emotion, we feel closer to her than we've perhaps ever felt.

Cate Le Bon's Reward comes out through Mexican Summer on May 24th. She's got these European dates ahead:

18-May-2019 - Focus Wales Festival, Wrexham UK
24-May-2019 - Rush Festival, Rouen FR
25-May-2019 - Discipline Festival, Toulouse FR
26-May-2019 - Independance Club, Madrid ES
27-May-2019 - Dabadaba, Donostia ES
28-May-2019 - PrimaveraSound Festival, Barcelona ES
29-May-2019 - iBoat, Bordeaux FR
31-May-2019 - Best Kept Secret Festival, Hilvarenbeek NL
01-June-2019 - Immergut Festival, Neustrelitz GER
02-June-2019 - Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin GER
03-June-2019 - Den Grå Hal, Copenhagen DK (w/ Deerhunter)
04-June-2019 - Tape, Aarhus DK
06-June-2019 - Bumann & SOHN, Cologne GER
07-June-2019 - Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels B
08-June-2019 - Vilette Sonique, Paris FR
10-June-2019 - Village Underground, London UK

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