It’s been barely over a year since Cave In’s bassist Caleb Scofield passed away in a car accident. Having spent the remainder of 2018 playing benefit concerts in memory of Scofield and for the sake of raising money for his family, it was time for Cave In to return to the spotlight, but with a heavy heart and mind in tow. Pacing in the dark corners of grievance and words left unsaid, the band—in honor of the Scofield—felt the need to finish recording their upcoming album, which was initially set to be released as demos.

With these demos now turned into fully fledged tracks, the band has announced the June 7 release of their new record titled Final Transmission. Though he has passed on, Scofield’s fingerprints are left all over the band’s latest project. Aside from Scofield's bass being featured on six of the eight tracks and guitar on the other two, the album’s title references one of the final texts messages sent by Scofield to the band with a voice memo attached where, according to the band, Caleb can be heard playing an acoustic guitar and humming a melody of an idea for a new song.

Paired with the announcement of a new album, Cave In also shared a new single—a sprawling, atmospheric alt-metal stunner titled ‘All Illusion,’ which features Scofield’s lone lyrical contribution.

In a statement from the band, "‘All Illusion' was another Caleb composition that Steve had originally written lyrics for. But that changed not long after Caleb’s passing, when Adam went to visit Caleb’s wife, Jen, and their two kids, Desmond and Sydney. "Jen found some lyrics in one of Caleb’s journals,” Adam explains. “She was going to tear them out and give them to me, but I just took a picture because I wanted her to keep it. We used the lyrics for ‘All Illusion,’ which is a song that really haunts me. I feel like it’s a weird message from Caleb sometimes.”

Though the lyrics are his own, Brodsky’s voice conjures his dear friend’s spirit with honor and a filled heart as he sings with haunting conviction, “what doesn’t kill you makes you blind.” With 'All Illusion,' Steve Brodsky’s vocals sound aged and as if he’s been through hell, which considering the song’s and forthcoming album’s context, makes most sense.

Enhancing this spiritual experience, the band emits an intense explosion of spacey guitars and forlorn drums, which twist and diffuse into one another to provide an awe-inspiring re-introduction to the world. While 'All Illusion’ is immersive and stunning, this track is sheathed in a mournful haze, brimming with the spirit of a human being with a singular talent, gone far too soon.

Continuing their unwavering support for the Scofields, the band will donate half of the record’s proceeds to the family, so please, stream ‘All Illusion’ above and make sure to pre-order Final Transmission here.

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