Chloe Bodur is a rising R&B-esque songwriter from North West London who put out her debut single 'Glory' earlier this year, and has now followed it up with the deep and hypnotic new cut 'Billie'. Obviously having grown up in such a multi-cultural surrounding will have had an impact on her writing, but for 'Billie' Chloe Bodur has reached beyond her immediate surroundings for something else that spoke to her:

"I was studying film noir at the time and was heavily inspired by it so the story of the song tells a similar narrative to your standard film noir: A femme fatale character seeming powerless and nothing more than sexually appealing at the start, turning out to be dangerous/deadly by the end. Obviously this was a rarity. The film genre was inspired by German expressionism so in the films you see a lot of warped camera angles and really dark lighting, mysterious silhouettes etc. I wanted to recreate that through the music in Billie which is why a lot of the sounds are warped with different effects and it all sounds kinda sexy & moody."

In order to build the ideal setting for her vision, 'Billie' features lethargic percussion, submerged bass, washed-out guitars and smoke clouds of sax from Dan Berry of Mr Jukes, all of which come together in a haunting and atmospheric melange that slithers with sultry menace. Into this scene sashays Chloe Bodur, whose voice snags and relaxes in studied harmony with the sizzling instrumentation around her, giving perfect drama to her words. Bodur sparingly unfolds a story of a downtrodden heroin. This innocent-seeming character grows in stature and power as she blossoms in the moody presence of the surrounding beats, turning from someone at the end of her patience into someone who is going to take desperate measures to take what she feels she deserves - and Chloe Bodur has us hooked in for the ride the entire time.

Look out for more coming from Chloe Bodur coming in the new year; you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.