Though her sound is cut from a similar mold as Sharon Van Etten, Laura Maurling and her close counterpart Jesca Hoop, Chloe Foy possesses a deeply theatrical and unique voice. Textured with emotional inflections of sadness, honesty and even tenacity, Foy’s delivery is evocative and even leans confrontational, especially when considering the level of introspection and subject matter she gnaws on with her latest track, ‘Oh You Are Not Well.’

According to Foy, ‘Oh You Are Not Well’ is birthed from the depths of loss: “Often songs come to me in a moment and tumble out and reveal my innermost thoughts.” And tumble out they do indeed. Actually, they come running out, escaping toward a clearer understanding of the crisis in front of her. This feeling is furthered by the track’s all-encompassing, galloping melody driven by Foy’s scorching acoustic riffs.

Though the incident of loss, as to which these lyrics were born, remains vague, Foy’s words cut like a sword, as she questions why we as humans feel the need to reckon and even negotiate with our inner-demons instead of recognizing and brazenly opposing them. All this to say, Foy’s contemporary folk stomper suggests a confident songstress who’s ready to further her meteoric rise.

Stream ‘Oh You Are Not Well’ above and follow Chloe Foy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Catch Foy live on the following spring tour dates:

4 April | St Pancras Old Church, London
5 April | Fortyfive Vinyl Café, York
6 April | The Castle Hotel, Manchester
9 April | Studio 2, Liverpool
10 April | Café #9, Sheffield
11 April | Hybrasil Music Club, Bristol

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