Nearly two years removed from releasing her Erika Jane EP, London’s rising UK Bass queen, Coucou Chloe is back trailing the path toward glitchy greatness once more with ‘GECKO,’ the lead single from her forthcoming EP out later this spring.

Experimental art pop beneath a haze of trap-infused wackiness, ‘GECKO’ is equally intoxicating as it is grimy. With Chloe’s arcanely robotic voice acting as the track’s breaking backbone, the supremely talented producer threads together an inebriating mix of anxious hi-hats and extraterrestrial synths that shouldn’t work on paper, yet Chloe works her magic seamlessly.

In 'GECKO,' there’s never a dull moment—it alternates between so many different styles and realms of sound that it’d be more fitting if this metamorphic piece was titled 'Camilieon.’ Either way, this track further proves Coucou Chloe as a sonic force that mandates your attention moving forward.

With her new EP on the way, satiate your need for more Coucou Chloe by checking out the track and its unruly music video above, and make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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