London courters of noise Crushed Beaks have been absent from our ears for a little while, but have returned this week with news of a new album: it's called The Other Room and comes out on August 9th. For the new record the young men decamped to a church in Leeds to record with Matt Peel (Eagulls, Menace Beach), whose equipment and experience gave the band a lot more options sonically: “We were like kids in a candy store, we went from having one amp and a couple of pedals to being in this insanely well-kitted out space.”

The leap in sonics can be heard immediately in 'Honesty Box', the first track to be shared from The Other Room. Crushed beaks have always enjoyed loud and crackling riffs, but on 'Honesty Box' they sound chunkier and tougher than ever, the guitar and bass melding together into a muscular melodic thrust powered by the imposing percussion. Over this, singer Matt Poile sings in windmilling abandon, just about keeping his head above the rising tide of noise swelling all around. 'Honesty Box' speeds through several minutes of thrilling alt-rock, before eventually hitting the bricks and coming to a squealing and breathless finale.

You can check out 'Honesty Box' below; it'll be on all DSPs tomorrow.

Crushed Beaks' new album The Other Room is out August 9th. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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