We've been tracing the work of intriguing London-Huddersfield duo Jadu Heart for a little while now, so we're glad to bring you the news that they'll be releasing their debut album, titled Melt Away on August 16th. They've also shared an excellent new track called 'Wanderlife'.

The new track immediately bears the hallmarks of that much-maligned genre chillwave, but in the hands of Jadu Heart it sounds rejuvenated, with 'Wanderlife' wafting out of your speakers like summer perfumes and feelings drifting across a calming breeze. The pair may be beseeching someone to "give me your love again," but it's never overbearing, they stand coolly, knowing their own powerful allure - you won't be able to resist. As they trade off verses, hyonotically slipping around each other and inside the glistening synth prism they've created, you'll lose yourself in the heady colours of their sound. 'Wanderlife' suggests long periods of happiness that you can sink down deep into - if you're able to give yourself over completely to Jadu Heart.

Jadu Heart's debut album Melt Away is out August 16th.

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