Cullen Omori sprang into our hearts a little while back with his band Smith Westerns and their three utterly lovable albums. Sadly, the trio soon dissolved after that third album, but all continued on in various other guises. Omori decided to go solo, releasing his debut album New Misery in 2016. He has now returned with a brand new track called 'Four Years'.

Omori welcomes you back to his sunshine indie sound with refracted drum beats and echoing guitars before launching smoothly into the plain-sailing gait of the song. With a clean and vibrant production style, 'Four Years' rings out with the youthful enthusiasm and joie de vivre that we've known his work for since the beginning. 'Four Years' covers topics that fans of Smith Westerns will be used to; love, infatuation, coolness - forgetfulness and regret. However, this time, Omori is talking to himself, as he explains:

“The song is meant to be an exchange of perceptions: a duet except sung by one person. The first verse deals with the conviction and singular determination needed to end the relationship. The second verse is the reactionary response to what is usually an unexpected upset to a familiar and welcomed status quo.”

Listen to 'Four Years' below.

There's no news just yet on a new album from Cullen Omori, but follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with that as and when it's announced.