We recently brought you 'Storm', the pacifying and sleek track from South London's Dahlia Sleeps, who will be releasing an EP called Love, Lost later in the year. Today they have shared a second song from the new collection; a driving ode to inner fortitude called 'Settle Down'.

The song's writer Luke Hester says "'Settle Down' is a dialog between myself and someone I care greatly for. It’s what I couldn’t say in person.That contradictory place of trying to reassure someone at a seemingly hopeless point, that there’s still hope." Singer Lucy Hill adds "It feeds into a project that is all about seeking truth and honesty and putting it on record - whether that be grief, anger, love. Often things that have been left dormant and unresolved."

'Settle Down' begins on lightly churning layers, like the clashing indecisiveness of inner turmoil. Hill's voice is like a beacon in this mist as she pleads for patience and delivers strength; soon Dahlia Sleeps back her up with a driving bass that surges through the track and turns 'Settle Down' into a fortifying pop gem. Dahlia Sleeps expertly tip the momentum back and forth, lapsing into brief spells of atmosphere, only to come thundering back in again with aerodynamic and stadium-sized rock that underscores and emboldens the message of courage that is captured in 'Settle Down'. Take a listen below.

Dahlia Sleeps' EP Love, Lost will be out later in the year. For now keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.