Future War Bride are a Danish band who bring together a plethora of sounds and ideas in their music. They showed this on their debut single 'Gloves Off' last summer, and are set to continue their mind-expanding voyage on their debut album Majahua, which was inspired by an earthquake and memory loss, among other things.

'Thin Air' is the new single from Future War Bride, and tees up what should be an exciting combination of styles and sounds on Majahua. It's built atop propulsive psych-rock guitars, but becomes otherworldly with the gradual addition of multi-coloured and variously textured synthesizers, which whirl around the song like extra terrestrial lights. This all brings the titular tale of being up in the clouds and breathing 'Thin Air' into even brighter and more vivid colour. It's a song that certainly has hallmarks of classic-era psychedelia, but it sounds as if those sounds are being warped in via a wormhole in the studio, melding perfectly with Future War Bride's dynamic modern rock sound. All together this creates a kaleidoscopic joyride of a song, which promises much to come from their debut album.

Singer Mikkel Boström says 'Thin Air' is “a classic break up story about the distance between two people getting bigger. Underneath that it is the story of people acting as if they had altitude sickness, getting delusional and paranoid.”

Listen to 'Thin Air' below.

Future War Bride's debut album Majahua comes out on June 8th through Gloves Off. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.