Danny Brown has been making sounds recently that pointed to the fact that we'd be hearing new music from him soon, and that has come true this week. He has revealed that he'll be releasing a new album called uknowhatimsayin¿ through Warp on October 4th. The record was apparently influenced by stand-up comedy, with Brown saying:

"This is my version of a stand-up comedy album. Most of my close friends now aren't rappers -- they're comedians and actors. So I wanted to create something that mixed humor with music. Something that was funny but not parody."

The first single to be shared from uknowhatimsayin¿ is 'Dirty Laundry', a track where Danny is in his usual confessional mood, although this time the subjects of his attention are described in grotesque detail, both in their appearance and actions (some of which Danny describes his intimate involvement with). Usually known for his squeaking voice, this time it's the beat of 'Dirty Laundry' that sounds like it's wheezing, in amidst jaunty blips and soulful choral harmonies - a combination that sounds incongruous on paper, but works to perfection in practice. Having long been known as one of the most dextrous rappers, Brown has no trouble finding the measure of this beat, spewing and delighting in the tales he's telling - and there's no shortage of laughs for the listener in there.

Watch the video for 'Dirty Laundry', directed by Simon Cahn, below.

Danny Brown's new album uknowhatimsayin¿ is out October 4th on Warp.

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