Fans of California's Deafheaven have been baying for new music from the metal band since they started dropping hints that a follow up to New Bermuda would be coming this year. Finally, out of the blue, they have unleashed a new song called 'Honeycomb', which, with its 12-minute length and omnivorous rock style, should keep fans sated until the release of their fourth album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love on July 13th.

'Honeycomb' shows off Deafheaven in all of their different gears, and re-affirms their prowess in each. The first third of the song is them at their most brazen and cathartic, Kerry McCoy's guitar and George Clark's fierce growl both exploding into action at the same point, and this energy is then protracted through the next few minutes of hellish percussion and ascendant chords. Deafheaven then pull back on the reins somewhat and enter a more streamlined pop-rock segment, full of anthemic guitar licks and choppy riffs. As they move into the final segment we're treated to their classic rolling rapid guitars, which break away into their trademark gorgeous melodic post-rock outro for the last 4 minutes. It's evident why 'Honeycomb' was chosen as the reintroduction to Deafheaven after 3 years; it shows off everything we've come to know and love about what their music does, and assures us that they've made another epic album in Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

'Honeycomb' comes with a 12-minute grainy film video with it, made by Sean Stout, which gives you some charming views of who the guys are. On the YouTube page for the video you can read the lyrics in full, which reference Argentinian author Julio Cortázar. Watch and listen below.

Deafheaven have confirmed that 'Honeycomb' is taken from a new album called Ordinary Corrupt Human Love on July 13th through ANTI-. It again sees them working with producer Jack Shirley, and will feature 7 tracks:

1. You Without End
2. Honeycomb
3. Canary Yellow
4. Near
5. Glint
6. Night People
7. Worthless Animal