Deerhunter released their latest studio album Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? in January this year, but in October they went into a New York studio and spent a night creating a new track called 'Timebends'.

Those fans who might be concerned that Deerhunter were heading towards more concise, accessible tracks as their careers progressed will be encouraged by 'Timebends', a 13-minute track that leads us through floating melodies and into rhythmic wormholes. It's telling that the song was created overnight, as there's a nocturnal spirit to the track, both in Bradford Cox's darkly dreaming lyricism, and in the way that Deerhunter allow the song to lapse into elongated piano and drum interludes, glossed with synths and violins. Just as you feel you're settling into the hypnic state of 'Timebends', you're yanked out of it again by a new injection of dramatic sounds.

An opus that shifts through many shades of instrumentation, a drifting reverie of a song that becomes a krautrock march that then becomes a percussive breakdown, 'Timebends' is a trip. It might not be as abrasive and in-your-face as some of their earliest work, but still shows Deerhunter's fearlessness when it comes to indulging in their textural quirks.

The video for 'Timebends' was created by Cox and depicts the band hard at work through the night on the track, overlaying guitars, violins, piano and more.

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