Desire are back. The trio of vocalist Megan Louise, producer Johnny Jewel and Chromatics' Nat Walker have released the new track 'Tears From Heaven', the first new music from the project since 2009's beloved self-titled album. The new track is released on all digital platforms today and is the first song from what will apparently be a new album coming out on Italians Do It Better in early 2019.

Megan has revealed "'Tears From Heaven' is a song about crossing the divide between being a voyeur on the sidelines of your own life and taking action to make your own destiny. Heaven is a metaphor for life after death. A leap into the great unknown. If you never knock on the door, it will never open. In the song, the tears represent raindrops pouring down from the clouds washing away all of the dirt and confusion. The mundane obstacles of the daily routine are pushed aside for a clearer vision of what's to come."

The quote speaks to the cinematic quality of 'Tears From Heaven' - practically the Italians Do It Better trademark sound at this point, but there's no doubting that it still has the ability to transport you. The track does indeed feel like crossing a divide, but an otherworldly and gleaming one, slowly rotating synths moving the song resiliently onwards as the vocals are allowed to yearn. Through 'Tears From Heaven', Desire climb onwards up their polished path into a fluorescent eternity, with us following mesmerised in their path.

We'll keep you posted on the news about Desire's new album, which we're tightly crossing our fingers about.