Dan Bejar has been releasing albums as Destroyer for over 20 years now, so it's almost undoubted that you'll have come across the name by now. But, if you're yet to actually listen, it's not a problem because Bejar likes to wrong-foot listeners with each new release - something that keeps long-time fans invested too.

He's done just that with 'Crimson Tide', the first song to be shared from his forthcoming 13th album Have We Met, which will arrive on January 31st through Dead Oceans.

'Crimson Tide'is a broad and airy synth-structured song, but has a dogged undertow of propulsive beats and lumpen bass, giving the song an undoubted rhythm. Bejar's vocals are typically disjointed and characterful, and although you wouldn't say he's the most dextrous singer, he knows perfectly well how to shape his words around the ever-building six minutes of relaxed dance-pop here. Once he's relayed scenes about being locked in a hospital, a blonde making mince meat of a brunette, attending insane funerals and much more, 'Crimson Tide' soars off into a 'Heroes'-esque yacht rock reverie where he just repeats the titular phrase, leaving the listener to fill in the multiple possible meanings.

The video for 'Crimson Tide' was directed by David Galloway; check it out below.

Destroyer's new album Have We Met is out January 31st on Dead Oceans. He's announced a London date at Village Underground on May 5th, with more to follow.

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