Since the parting of Majical Cloudz we've been patiently waiting for the two members to start work on something new. A couple of months ago Devon Welsh released the single 'I'll Be Your Ladder' of his own accord, and this was followed by 'Vampires' not long after. This was building towards his announcement of his first solo album, which is called Dream Songs and will be self-released on August 24th.

With the announcement came another new song called 'By The Daylight', which is undoubtedly one of the most obvious Dream Songs that Welsh has written. Built on honeyed violin strings, which then become intertwined with pizzicato plucks, Welsh's gregarious and almost-religious voice richly describes his mental and physical state through his beliefs: "When you see an insect, don't try and squash it/ Things more powerful than you control the actions in your life." He gets more directly referential then, talking about problems that can't be fixed - except by sleeping. At once desperate and divine, Welsh takes us into his escape, at one point "wasted by the daylight," and the next "floating in the twilight." The perspective keeps shifting from first person to third, but it's all a very profound and transportative expression of transience and insecurity. Only Devon Welsh could produce something at once devastating yet uplifting, universal yet personal, hopeful yet hopeless. It promises much from Dream Songs.