Although DJ Koze has never slowed down in his output in the last 5 years - be it releasing banging singles like 'XTC' or releasing an unparalleled entry to the DJ-Kicks series - what we've all been really hoping for is that he would eventually release a proper follow up to his 2013 album Amygdala, and today he has revealed that he has a new album called Knock Knock arriving on May 4th.

Knock Knock, like its predecessor, draws in many diverse vocal talents to compliment the weightless space disco that Koze trades in on the regular. The likes of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Jose Gonzalez, Sophia Kennedy, Róisín Murphy, Mano le Tough, Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and more are set to grace the album. Knowing Koze he will have metamorphisised these known voices into something that can inhabit his extraterrestrial soundscapes; "Kurt Wagner of Lambchop is a vocoder bohemian, Sophia Kennedy is a sci-fi Weimar cabaret star and José González is a holographic projection from an old film of the South Sea Islands," promises the press release.

Ahead of hearing Knock Knock in full though, he has released the 8-minute intergalactic cruiser 'Seeing Aliens', which just shows of our hero's proficiency at creating multi-faceted cerebral dancefloor-fillers. No guest vocalist is necessary on 'Seeing Aliens', as Koze is in full control behind the command center, moving his aural vessel through gears, shifting into lightspeed and bringing it back down again, somehow encompassing the heft of a battle shift but handing with all with the smoothness of a Rolls-Royce. During the song the whirring and clicking of the various moving parts keep the mind enthralled, and remind us why DJ Koze is revered as one of the most idiosyncratic and innovative techno producers in the world.

Listen to 'Seeing Aliens' below, as well as the non-album b-side 'Nein König Nein'. Beneath that you can see the full track list for Knock Knock.

Knock Knock will be released through Pampa on May 4th, and can be pre-ordered in several different versions including a very limited box set from the label's website.

Knock Knock track list:

01. Club der Ewigkeiten
02. Bonfire
03. Moving in a liquid (feat. Eddie Fummler)
04. Colors of autumn (feat. Speech of the band Arrested Development)
05. Music on my teeth (feat. José González)
06. This is my rock (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
07. Illumination (feat. Róisín Murphy)
08. Pick up
09. Planet Hase (feat. Mano le tough)
10. Scratch that (feat. Róisín Murphy)
11. Muddy Funster (feat. Kurt Wagner)
12. Baby (how much i LFO you)
13. Jesus
14. Lord knows
15. Seeing Aliens
16. Drone me up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy)