Drowse is the project of Portland-based musician Kyle Bates, whose 2018 album Cold Air we loved. He has recently announced a follow-up entitled Light Mirror which will be released through The Flenser on June 7th.

At first it seems like this is a quick follow-up from Drowse, but the artist has been through great physical and psychological exploration in the last year. He took up a residency in the cold expanse of Northern Iceland, where the first germs of inspiration for his next work started to bud; his isolation in the wildly natural surroundings opened him up to the world. Upon returning to Portland he began to work on what would become Light Mirror, again mostly in isolation. During this time he was coming to terms with his diagnosis of Bipolar 1, which undoubtedly shaped the music he worked on.

This is where new single and video 'Bipolar 1' come in, softly gliding into view through a fog of mental confusion. Drowse's new piece is a frost-bitten reflection on top of tangled guitar strings and field recordings from Iceland, washed together into infinite planes of sound, rippling to the edges. Bates' voice is breathy, recalling works of shoegaze greats, especially when joined by his creative collaborator Maya Stoner, their voices reaching out across a great icy expanse for one another, desperate not to be "alone with voices in the night." As the effects flutter and crumble into broader textures you feel a the earth swallowing these figures, an unfathomable weight pressing down, and they melt into the mist.

The video for 'Bipolar 1' reflects the cold expanse of the track, with black and white shots of lonely images painting an idea of the emotional landscape of the song. Check it out below.

Drowse's new album Light Mirror is out June 7th on The Flenser - pre-order it here.

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Check out Drowse's previous single 'Between Fence Posts', which will also be on Light Mirror: