Drug Store Romeos are a trio from Fleet, who met via a quaintly old-school method when Sarah responded to a "bassist wanted" ad posted by Jonny and Charlie on a notice board at their college. They met and soon discovered a mutual adoration of Stereolab and Portishead - and that Sarah was clearly meant to be the vocalist, shifting Charlie to bass. With that configuration locked, Drug Store Romeos was formed and they set off on playing live shows. They have quickly come to the attention of Fiction Records (The Big Moon, Pumarosa, Nick Mulvey etc.), who have just released their debut single 'Now You're Moving'.

Even though it's their first recorded outing, Drug Store Romeos sound confident and collected, showing their influences but not overshadowed by them. 'Now You're Moving' is a moody track that uses studio trickery to add dimensions; drum fills jump channels, guitar clangs quietly like a spectre in the distance and Sarah's voice simpers and floats beautifully in the space. They've kept the tempo upbeat but the mood low, so even though we can feel the momentum in 'Now You're Moving', it also seems as though we're moored in one place while the world whirls on all around. A supremely enticing introduction from the three-piece, who will surely have much more to give going forward.

Follow Drug Store Romeos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Catch them live:

12 Oct | Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
17 Oct | Heartbreakers, Southampton*
18 Oct | Esquires, Bedford*


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