Amsterdam based multi-disciplinary artist BEA1991 has been garnering attention for her early forays into music for a little while, and this will culminate in the release of her debut album Brand New Adult on July 12th.

The announcement comes in conjunction with new single 'Did You Feel Me Slip Away?', a shifting and stunning ballad racked with emotion. Combining a silky beat with loose bass and clunking low piano chords, BEA1991's new track has you on the back foot, but lured in by our singer's passionate wisps of vocal. Weaving herself amidst cascades of melody, her voice echoing into misty space, 'Did You Feel Me Slip Away?' is haunting as much as it is compelling. The loss of human connection is palpable, but you get the sense that BEA1991 is still yearning, patiently and playfully, for a return of this lost relationship.

BEA1991's debut album Brand New Adult is out July 12th. Keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter

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