Earlier this year the New York producer elegant slims emerged with the pulsating pop anthem 'Not Human', which was also a mission statement for her as an artist and being. That fascinating introduction is followed up this week by 'Hemisphere', a song that allows elegant slims' artistry to shine in a different light.

Taking a more withheld approach this time, elegant slims keeps her powerful synthesized presence tempestuously bubbling below her crystalline vocal. She sings from her core about the power of the love shared between her partner and herself; a force so strong that it will take them out of the hemisphere to somewhere they will disappear. As she declares this escape, 'Hemisphere' surges gracefully upward with deeply resonant pianos elevating elegant slims' voice, suggesting that the place they will disappear together is somewhere ethereal and metaphysical. Again 'Hemisphere' shows that elegant slims has a unique and dynamic form of expression through her imposing electro-pop productions. Listen below.

elegant slims is female.
elegant slims is independent.
elegant slims is new york city.
elegant slims is not human.
elegant slims is post-human.
elegant slims is bleach blonde cyborg.
elegant slims is neon. lights. flickering.
elegant slims is electronic. pop. noise. princess.
elegant slims is about art. and artists.
elegant slims is all of us.
welcome to elegant slims.

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