London-based songwriter Eloïse may still be in her teens, but she's been releasing music for a couple of years now, and has amassed enough experience and worldliness to write songs with a sharpness seemingly beyond her years. Her latest single, 'Now He Wears White', is the perfect example of this. Built upon a devilishly dark electronic soundscape from producer and collaborator Rory Simmons, Eloiïse tells the tale of a comical character that was once told he looks like Elvis, so "now he wears white every night and thinks he's Jesus." However, our singer could not be less impressed by this wannabe heartthrob, repeatedly singing "I don’t think you’re more than your cigarettes /I don’t think your more than your private jets /I don’t really think about this."

Speaking about the genesis of the song, Eloïse says "The Elvis/Jesus line was a real fusion of my love of that kind of imagery and also some ideas I had about celebrity culture and worship and it sat in my phone notes for a while because I couldn’t quite work out what I wanted to say round the edges of it. When Rory [Simmons, producer] sent over the loop of the ‘me from you’ lyric there was a real darkness and richness to it so I wanted to slot in the stuff you hear in songs like that- the glamorous imagery with this weird metaphor and idea to show how ridiculous the convention in popular music of writing about private jets and champagne is."

Listen to 'Now He Wears White' below.

Eloïse will be releasing a new EP in Spring, so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now follow her on Facebook / Twitter.