The prolific songwriter Mathew Lee Cothran has announced the return of his Elvis Depressedly project with Depressedelica, the first new album from him in four years. It comes out on October 4th through Run For Cover.

Although bearing a possibly off-putting title in Depressedelica, Cothran ensures us it is full of joy: "Music has always been the most powerful, beautiful thing in my life... more than anything, I wanted this album to capture how much it means to me."

He certainly seems to have captured something special in lead single 'Jane, Don't You Know Me?', where he makes us feel at home in his truly unique sonic world. Elvis Depressedly gained popularity as a bedroom pop artist, and that is still evident in thge warmth and intimacy of the mood in the song, but the magic is sustained through expert studio work. Guitars glitter right in your ear, layers of synths shimmer for your attention in the background, there are punchy video game samples, and in this cosiness Cothran unburdens himself of his life disappointments. It makes us feel closer to him, and as we're drawn into 'Jane, Don't You Know Me?' the sheer beauty increases with added instrumentation, tugging Cothran's mood to somewhere brighter with it. By the end he's shredding a crunchy guitar solo and admitting his love with abandon.

Elvis Depressedly's new album Depressedelica is out October 4th on Run For Cover. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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