Eminem has always sounded good mad. I'll probably take stones for this, but you know what? He sounds pretty great on the new remix of “Chloroseptic”. If Marshall happened to see our Revival review, I'm surely as much in his cross hairs as any, but his ire here can't help but amuse (and even impress).

Lashing out rather than acknowledging his continual missteps may be folly, but somehow, this song manages to be everything the damn album wasn't. Gone are the clumsy, stale punchlines, replaced by pure, simple wrath. Much more so than on the feeble “Walk on Water”, he seems acutely aware of his faded legacy, and defends it with venom.

Back is the 2 Chainz verse, the cutting of which from the original song in favor of album guests such as, well Ed Sheeran drew fire from online rap fans (and 2 Chainz himself). Hell, even Phresher is given a proper verse this time around.

In responding to the negative reception, Eminem has given us the very kind of hip hop song people wanted from him in the first place. It's a glimmer of hope – however dim – that he just might get it right next time.