Emma Ruth Rundle recently announced her third album On Dark Horses, which will come out on September 14th through Sargent House. She previously shared 'Fever Dreams' and today shares another breathtaking rocker full of undulating emotions in 'Darkhorse'.

“The record is about overcoming—understanding and embracing the crippling situation and then growing beyond it,” Rundle says. “Horses keep working their way into the lyrics and visual dimension of this record. They’re powerful and beautiful yet not free really. So the dark horse works for me in a visual way, as a representation of a contained force that will win the race or exceed the expectation of society and self.”

'Darkhorse' not only features the titular creatures in its lyricism, but Rundle's large and loping guitar aptly describes the gait of the majestic brings in full flight. Our singer sets us in a scene, calmly galvanising herself and anyone listening, before announcing “In the wake of weak beginnings, we can still stand high,” like a commander rousing the troops before heading to action. What follows is a scene of epic proportions - a war, where the battleground is your mind. Over twisting and convulsing riffs, Rundle simultaneously seems to dance with and battle her neuroses; a thrilling tussle that is embodied by her gutsy vocals and plundering, soulful rock and roll, which comes out the other side uplifting and heroic.

You can hear a 4-minute edit of 'Darkhorse' below, and even more excitingly the full version includes an extra two minutes of this grandiose composition - but we'll have to wait for the release of On Dark Horses to hear that.

After the release of On Dark Horses on September 14th, Emma Ruth Rundle is touring far and wide in North America and Europe. Here are the UK dates of her stretch:

November 3 Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
November 4 Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade
November 6 Glasgow, UK @ Stereo
November 7 Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny
November 8 London, UK @ Oslo