Last night Lorely Rodriguez, aka Empress Of, announced via Instagram that she'll be releasing her second album Us on October 19th. This follows on from the recently released double single 'Trust Me Baby / In Dreams', and is further imbued by today's release of fantastic new single 'When I'm With Him'.

Rodriguez has struck a chord with listeners so quickly with her ability to simply describe very personal and poignant feelings, and 'When I'm With Him' is another fine example. It begins with her meeting the titular 'him': "you found me lost/ left me like a desert rain." The gorgeously wrought song then slides silkily over a simple click, subtle guitar licks and heart-rending 80s-esque synth melodies. The jewel at the centre of all this is Empress Of's voice; wreathed in the understated instrumentation, she switches between English and Spanish and lays bare her self-doubt and questions about her own value. She wrestles with how she'll express this to the man in question, but she's fully opening herself to her listeners, as she unburdens herself entirely in the stunning chorus: "I feel like I'm on the outside looking in when I'm with him/ I don't know how to love but I pretend when I'm with him." Listen below.

Pre-order Empress Of's Us from Terrible Records.