Orkney is nearly a place of fantasy. I'd never have dreamed it before encountering Erland Cooper, but this past year has been full of writing regarding the tucked away beauty of the Scottish islands. Once, nearly 10 years ago, I was blessed to visit for a time, and the locale has never left my mind.

Clearly, Cooper feels the same. Holding a much deeper connection with Orkney, his birthplace, after a career with Erland & the Carnival, Cooper returned home, literally and musically. First with the Magnetic North, and then under his own name, he's been trying to impart the passion and sense of deep majesty Orkney gives him to an unfamiliar audience.

Last year's Solan Goose was his first truly ambient exploration into his homeland, a tastefully subtle look into his feelings there. Now, with Sule Skerry, he's expanding his palette, retaining an ambient quality, while bringing in a more epic, moving scope.

As ever, he's worked with longtime collaborator Alex Kozobolis to capture images of places, as well as the waters, around the islands, crafting a deeply felt visual to match the music. Check out the video for 'Spoot Ebb' below, and look out for Sule Skerry May 17th via Phases.

For more, revisit our conversation with Cooper regarding Solan Goose and the early recording of Sule Skerry.

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