LA-based songwriter and singer Evalyn will be releasing a new EP called Salvation on September 28th, and it has something of a concept behind it. Each of the 7 songs on the record are connected to one of the seven deadly sins; so far she has shown us Pride in 'Angels' and Greed in 'Big Bad City', and now she has delivered Wrath in the form of new song 'A Pill To Crush'.

Evalyn says of Salvation that "One of the central themes is the idea of trying to find something to save you, whether it’s religion or a cult or anything else you might worship.” and On 'A Pill To Crush' we find her having bought fully into one of these schemes, but having now reached the end of her rope, and the engrossing song takes us into the completely hollow and hopeless mindset.

The drama is pitched high from the opening guitars and big beats, where Evalyn comes in sounding half-gone as the effect on her voice makes it sound like she's fragmented, losing track of herself. The declaration of "I took everything they gave me/ I'm still begging for more," is stark, but the further into the song she gets the more extreme her symptoms seem to be; feeling like she's falling, she's asking people to pray for her, she's forever chasing the light. Evalyn's voice is high and weightless, coasting over the devastating synth melodies that underscore the darkness within the song, and in combination she's created colossal pop knockout in 'A Pill To Crush'.

Evalyn's Salvation is out on September 28th. Check out our recent What I'm Reading feature with her.