Berlin-based duo Evvol are back from two years of silence with a meaty double single 'Release Me' and 'Oceania', which will form half of a new 4-track release later this year.

'Release Me' is the opening song, and is a propulsive and liquid electro pop song, with the pair's chemistry flowing lucidly in both the slick production and impactful vocals. Among the song's beautiful wreathing of Julie Chance's voice, we can feel her inner conflict through a haze of beautiful memories, culminating in the here and now when it's all disappeared, and she desires to be released. 'Oceania' is similarly upbeat vivid electronics with a darker tone in the vocals, again dreaming for a better place - although this time it's about sticking together through thick and thin. It all makes perfect sense to hear Evvol say "These songs were written looking inwardly at how we cope when faced with challenges.”

Evvol have also created a video for 'Release Me' in collaboration with Matt Lambert, the Berlin-based American filmmaker known for his intimate visual work. Together they have created a clip that fearlessly examines the close contact between LGBTQ couples.

"Queer women should be equally as strong and loud as gay boys,” says Matt. "They should be powerful in their sexuality and not hidden in the way some people perceive queer women to be." “Exactly”, agrees co-director Julie Chance (Evvol,) “on a personal level, my main problem with different types of media is I don't see people like myself represented on screen and I think it’s really important to address this.”

Watch the video for 'Release Me' below, and check out 'Oceania' beneath.