Félicia Atkinson is an artist who has moved through experimental realms of ambient, ASMR, noise and more, with plenty of collaborations under her belt. Even during her recent pregnancy she continued touring and working on new material, which has resulted in an album called The Flower And The Vessel. It will see release on July 5th through Shelter Press.

Atkinson took inspiration from simple but big questions; “What am I doing here? How can I connect myself to the world?” and found the answer through "small gestures: recording my voice, recording birds, a simple melody.” She also tells us that The Flower And The Vessel takes inspiration from “women who wonder, dream, and create vacant spaces in their art." She also cites classical works, namely Ravel’s ‘L'enfant et les sortilèges', Debussy’s ‘La Mer’ and Satie’s ‘Gymnopédies’ as key touchstones.

The first track to be shared from the album is 'Shirley to Shirley', a song so fearlessly intimate that it feels almost wrong to be listening in. Over simply splendid tones that echo off to the horizon, Atkinson speaks into a muffled voice recorder, practically whispering her thoughts, which seem like a missive from the middle of the night, having woken up wracked with a jumble of ideas that she just needs to get out. It feels private, but also welcoming - given the aural setting that is akin to a serene dreamscape. Further listens reveal more layers in 'Shirley to Shirley', tendrils grasping for a bigger picture yet to be revealed. Perhaps we'll get closer to Atkinson's truth when we get to hear the rest of the album this summer.

Atkinson's new album The Flower And The Vessel is out on July 5th through Shelter Press (pre-order) and you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She has these events coming up:

Live dates:

May 2 Einstein Kultur Frameless Series Munich
May 4th La Digestion Festival, Napoli
May 17th Radiophrenia Festival Glasgow
June 13 Het Bos Antwerp
June 15 Le Brass Brussels
August 16th Musica Sanae Festival Sokolowsko
Sept 22 Le Poisson Rouge New York
Sept 26 POP Montreal Festival
Nov 15 Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge Berlin


Ambient Gardens, solo show, Amala Gallery, Tokyo, March 30th- May 10th
A Folded Melody? (Vague pure affection) Land and Sea Oakland, California, April 5-24 2019
La Vie Materielle, duo show with Micah Wood, Mast on Fig, Los Angeles, April 15-17th


April 18th Western front, Vancouver, Canada