Indiana-based artist Joey Walker reappears in a different light with his intricate single, ‘Frank’. Experimenting with renewed yet more grounded echoes than previously established on this 2017 debut LP, Queer, Walker treks down a murkier road to express his unique artistry. The young artist composes songs about his distressful adolescence in Middle America with sheer tenacity, slowcore inclinations, and profound complexities. Walker describes his music as "twink rock," and while the term generally means meek and powerless, his style and mindset deviates from such lowly descriptions. Walker’s version of “twink rock” adopts a darker image, one that’s incredibly intrepid and intensely vigorous.

‘Frank’ is intro single off the singer’s forthcoming sophomore record, Supersoft, out next January. The track commences with an ominous electronic beat before it swiftly descends toward a harrowing, Americana-inspired route. Rhythmically, it captures a haunting atmosphere through perpetual stomping and this eerie vibe embedded within its internal threads. With Walker’s delicate yet fortifying vocals leading the charge, the singer’s newest endeavor is menacing and utterly intoxicating as it elicits tormented emotions from a possible perilous side buried within. All of this imagery and inimitable storytelling stems from Walker’s turbulent experiences. Walker’s ambitious outing on ‘Frank’ and his subsequent tracks on Supersoft brings to light the grayer areas of sexuality and power often dismissed or reluctantly articulated by well-known LGBTQ artists.

Joey Walker had this to express about his new single:

"When I wrote 'Frank', I had just heard Tom Waits for the first time, so I was very interested in using more rhythmic elements that weren't necessarily made from drums. I also wanted this song to emit American southern-ness in the most dire way possible, so imagining a story of (fictional) murder behind a southern man I knew about but didn't know well through stomps, claps and a cyclical guitar line made it complete for me.”

Take a listen to ‘Frank’ below or on your preferred platform:

Supersoft will be released on January 18th, 2019 via Darling Recordings and can be pre-ordered here.