Germany-meets-Mexico band Exploded View are releasing their second album Obey on September 28th through Sacred Bones, and as one final taste of what's to come they have shared the deep and engrossing 'Dark Stains'.

Speaking about the track, Annika says: ""Born with the baggage of our forefathers or alternatively, the blessings of our ancestors, we are the sum of our parts, of our experience; results of our birthing. Nature and nurture; we were slid down a shoot, to end in a mystery realm, gifted or burdened, chance will decide"... 'Dark Stains' is a song about a body who sees in themselves the errors of the past, yet flaunts behind the veils of inheritance and fails to take full responsibility for the present. To what extent can we break the cycles, repetitive patterns deep engrained, that we were born with? Can we trust to be protected by the cotton beds that we were blessed with? Or restricted forever more by the ceilings that we came to earth beneath?"

Those myriad thoughts and questions are enfolded into a grooving, unstoppable force on 'Dark Stains'. Clicking and booming percussion introduce us, while tickling bass underpins the song and Annika's mystical voice poses several tantalising propositions, tempting us deeper into Exploded View's lair. The track soon swells into a chaotic, gnashing experimental melee, as Annika sings of demons - but remains the alluring source of light within this haunted track as she tempts us on, repeating "I believe you/ I believe you," until you're lost within a multi-dimensional cavern of sound.

Check out previous singles 'Raven Raven' and 'Sleepers', and pre-order Exploded View's Obey from here before it's out on the 28th.