For the uninitiated, Warm have been electrifying the capital for a fair old while now in their role as a club night and booking agency (having merged with Elastic recently); they are now to follow the natural order of progression, and form a record label. Ladies and gents, we present you with Warm Records.

Their first ever release is by Face + Heel; and the label couldn't have picked a much finer track to grab the attention of anyone with even just a passing interest in all things electronic. 'No Stars' is the name of the track from the Cardiff/Bristol duo, and when your ears meet the rich, undulating sounds of said track, they will be very thankful to you.

There's a lot going on for something so seemingly subtle in nature, such as wafts of witch-house with touches of minimal techno - all under a snug, warm ambient duvet. It beholds a beautiful gravity.

The 10" EP, also titled 'No Stars', is out on 7th May on Warm Records. Get yourself a mini piece of history.