London art-rock collective Famous have shared a new song called 'I Want To Crawl Inside of You', shortly following up their exceptional mini album England from earlier this year.

'I Want To Crawl Inside of You' is apparently one of Famous' oldest songs, but it seems they've taken their time in crafting the studio version in order to make it as definitive as possible. 'Crawl' crushes together razor-edged keys with choral beds, producing a dynamic arena into which Jack Merrett's scruffy and impassioned vocal saunters with confidence. 'Crawl' doesn't stay in this space though, moving through to wilder moments of sonic collision; crashing cymbals meeting lofty stadium-sized melodies, a bubble of sound inflates and bursts in the middle, and all the while Merrett mutters, shrieks and screams his boredom and bemusement. In an era where London's art rock scene is thriving, Famous are continually proving to be one of the most vital members of it.

There should be more music from Famous coming before the end of the year. They're also going out on tour with Black Country, New Road, at these dates:

24th Sept Boston Music Room, London
30th Sept, Hope and Ruin, Brighton
1st Oct, Rough Trade, Bristol
2nd Oct, YES Basement, Manchester
3rd Oct, Poetry Club, Glasgow
4th Oct, Elsewhere, Margate

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