Farao is the moniker of Norwegian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Kari Jahnsen, who today has returned with 'The Ghost Ship', her first new music since her debut album Till It's All Forgotten in 2015.

Speaking about 'The Ghost Ship', Farao tells us "[it] is about losing a sense of direction, your fate being driven by something out of your control... Seeing the end of a relationship as an empty vessel, floating endlessly and eternally into nothingness."

Despite the downer subject matter, 'The Ghost Ship' takes that frustration and redundancy and turns it into a creative and playful pop song that demonstrates Farao's sizeable sonic abilities. Wreathed in aural electronic tics, Farao's voice guides us through this choppy song of frustration and acceptance, her production accentuating her shapeshifting emotion, cultivating complex shades between demure and liberated. Although the song is structured fairly simply, the production on the instrumentation is always evolving as it shifts through slick and devilishly catchy verses and choruses. Farao might be taking us on a journey out into nothingness - but it's a surprisingly beautiful, gratifying and blissful one.

'The Ghost Ship' is the first release on Western Vinyl for Farao, and teaser of a new album expected later this year. For now keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.