Fauness is a new London artist who has become the first signing to Jam City's label Earthly Records. They will release her debut EP Toxic Femininity later this year, and in listening to lead track 'Street Song' it's easy to see why he's decided to pick her out as the first artist to represent his label.

"What if femininity was a street lined with houses and narrow little back streets all pink and pale yellow?" begins Fauness on 'Street Song', a sentiment that is at once whimsical and speaks to the insomnia that is at play in this track. 'Street Song' blasts soft-edged synths, which again capture the dichotomy of the comfort of being in bed and the frustration of being unable to sleep. Fauness takes us on the mental ride with her through her late-night thoughts, as she admits "it's not my engine that's broken - it's the brakes." Echoing drum beats and quietly shrieking atmospherics back her thoughts, which flit between spoken-word non-sequiturs, whisper-screamed neuroses and sweetly sung dreams. 'Street Song' is a captivating introduction to Fauness, who magnificently and fearlessly takes us right into her late night fantasies.

'Street Song' also comes with a fantastic video, made in collaboration with Irina Alexiu, that again captures both the sweetness and the menace that is at play in the song.

Fauness' 3-track EP Toxic Femininity is expected out some time this year on Earthly Records. Keep your eyes on The 405 for more news on that front.